Monday, October 7, 2013

Gravity: A review

Gravity is a down to earth movie. Gravity holds us together. The closer we are the more powerful its influence. Gravity is sorrow. Sorrow is our grounding emotion. Avoid it and you avoid who you are. Gravity is a grave word.
Did Sir Isaac Newton invent the word? I don’t know. I do know that gravity is a humbling influence, since it can make us aware of our cosmic smallness, no matter what our height and weight on this Earth.
Small, humble, tiny do not make us inferior. When we incorporate the Universe into who we consider our selves to be--owning what we can reach by looking and sensing both outwardly and inwardly with our minds--we become a part of God. Only by claiming our own infinite smallness might we do so.
A sick culture encourages us, successfully to believe that sad is bad. Sad is good because its stimulus, the pain of loss, is also the ground for joy.
A sick culture makes us think that if we sparkle we are more valuable.
I live very close to the cemetery in more ways than one. Better able to deal with mortality if I accept that I am mortal.
When you go to see Gravity, consider crying with Sandra Bullock's character, Dr. Ryan Stone, and have empathy for her and your own situation.
Don't miss the opportunity to have a good cry. Being grounded in grief is absolutely necessary for a substance-free sense of exhilaration. I am happier this morning that the Braves won last night than I would have been had I choked back my sorrow that they lost night before last.
You will be glad you wallowed in this movie, getting it all over you and letting it sink in. You will walk out healthier than when you walked in.

Ray L. Johnson

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  1. The direction keeps this movie sharp, tense, and inspired. However, the script sort of tears it down by being nothing more than conventional material. Nice review Ray.