Thursday, January 26, 2012

Being in the Cemetery at Two O'Clock PM

I was running in the cemetery this afternoon, was at my parents' and my mother's parents' graves a little before two P.M. I let my attention focus on my breathing, but my mind wandered to why I was there this time. It was to celebrate my humanity, my biology even, with my Collective Conscious Breath at two o'clock. Warm and slightly cloudy.  I always let my imagination take over while in that sacred spot.  I let them know why I was there, what the Collective Conscious Breath is about.  I have the idea that a significant part of their Heavens are in me, in my mind, in whatever goodness they might have instilled in me. Not only in me,but also in everyone they have loved. I included them in that breath. I could imagine the happy sounds of their breathing.  I had to remind my grandmother not to hyperventilate. I endowed the event with Holiness.  I imagine myself with the authority to do just that!

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