Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving: Do People and Others Need it?

Having a special day for giving thanks is, in a way, implying that giving thanks is not an everyday thing. Usually folks think it is about giving God feedback for His/Her blessings.  I don’t think the Deity needs that nearly as much as dogs, people, horses and cats do. I don’t want to jump to conclusions about the Deity, so I plan to give thanks to It too! An idea that comes to mind is that if we say thank you a lot on Thanksgiving Day, then it will give us practice for saying it more often every day.

At any rate, day after tomorrow it is hereby permitted for us to be more open with letting our closest dearest ones, absolute strangers, and everyone in between, know that we are thankful that they are, to whatever degree, in our perspective, even if only by venturing a smile. 

One thing I have noticed, since over the years I have been more inclined to look strangers in the face, is that often the other person is also looking me in the face. Then we both light up at the same time. It is a really big deal to me when that happens. I call it a healthy connection.  My theory is that healthy connections between us lead to healthy connections within us. Many relatively small healthy connections can add up in a day’s time! 

Sometimes just being acknowledged, being appreciated for who I am, even merely for being a creature, not necessarily for doing a good job, is all it takes to make my day; however I don’t want to minimize hearing about it if I have done a good job.

I like to look at myself in the mirror mornings, hair all scraggily, face overloaded with wrinkles yet, and remind myself that I am Holy, Sacred, Precious, Divine, just like everybody else, just like the dogs and cats and Canada Geese. Being a part of something bigger than I am, something that I consider Holy, makes me relish existing, infinitely small might I be! What an intimate early morning encounter!

Thank you for reading this.  Thank you for being in my life. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

On to Alpharetta GA to be with my big family and friends.

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